The Marketing Society Star Awards

A Celebration of True Excellence

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At the Marketing Society Star Awards 2015 we’re striving to distinguish the real stars from those that are shiny but hollow.

Therefore, if it pleases you, and with the greatest of respect, we humbly invite you to substantiate your swagger.

It’s time to back up the legends and tales of wonder with hard facts.

Here, within the rigorous and comprehensive framework of one of the most holistic awards schemes, you have the opportunity to prove your work works: Bring forth the evidence that demonstrates that your marketing makes a difference. Grace our desks with words, numerals and spectacles such as have never before been seen. Fill our minds and hard drives with a rich tapestry of quant and qual. Besiege our halls and hearts with evidence of KPIs combusting as they are run through with spears crafted from pure genius. Make the most sceptical amongst us draw breath with work so fiery and encrusted with innovation that it covers yourself in indubitable, irreproachable, unarguable, bonafide, ass-kicking glory.

Justify yourself. Prove you are a star.

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